Tuesday, August 17, 2010

you know i'm in my living room
watching the lizard
he's one of my greatest teachers
one of them
you know i'm thinking about changing the world
not just a little shift here and there
not a pop!
or even a burst!
a burning schoolhouse won't do
i'm thinking about seriously shifting
the trajectory of humanity
manifesting peace on earth
some call it heaven on earth
i call it something between
laughter and orgasm
or maybe a laughing orgasm?
an orgasming laugh?
some call it our buddha nature
a state of being that
transcends all states of being
when i speak of gazelles
and puppets
dancing that lasts for days
joyous parties and a porch on every house
when i talk of dropping everything and
all of us joining hands
to walk to the apartheid walls
in gaza
and tearing them down
you call me naiive, silly, a little girl
well i am not
and i am
and anyways it doesn't really matter
i am a warrior
of my heart
i am a warrior
of my soul
and i am still breathing

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