Saturday, October 4, 2014

dear prime minister,
if you don't step down
i will provide you with a stool
perhaps you are too small of a man
and require assistance with the big step
i know it's hard to be a big boy
but everyone has to grow up sometime
there are lots of people to help you
except the ones whose jobs you cut
take a taxi, then maybe you could get some therapy or health care
go back to university...oh sorry you probably can't afford it
i know, wait......join the speech circuit and talk about how you made turtle island a better place
tell them how you made our country an arms dealer for israel
tell them how you spoke about maternal health at the UN to an empty room while at home people are screaming about the countless lost and murdered indigenous women in our country....
tell them how you make secret backroom deals with other countries that threaten our water supply and sovereignty..
step up, mr. harper, cause i can tell you with complete certainty...
karma is a bitch....