Friday, June 11, 2010

this one is different she said
as she gazed into the luminescent globe hovering above
this one is not the same
how, asked the little girl, painted to her side
it looks the same to me?
you're only looking with your eyes, the older girl said
you have to look with your heart too. she smiled as
as she place her hand gently on the little girl's head
running her fingers through her whispy soft hair
close your eyes and breathe as deeply as you can..good, do
it again. one more time. now imagine the happiest moment in your life
try to recall every detail...what did you see, what did you feel
what did you you have it? good. now open your eyes and tell me what you see
the little girl opened her eyes and in that instant her heart began to beat as if it might burst from
its home
her hands tingled as her mind struggled to figure it all out
the aura surrounding the brilliant light of the moon enveloped her senses
blue haze, atop reds and yellows...golden glow
she pushed herself closer to the older girl until their bodies touched everywhere
and drew in a breath
it's beauuutiful, she said
it's you, she whispered's you

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