Saturday, June 12, 2010

there is something trying
to be birthed from me
familiar, exquisite pain
last night i dreamt
i gave birth to a placenta
from my mouth
i woke
in bloody suffocation
lips numb
as sensation invaded my mind
the taste of iron coating my teeth
yet where is my baby
where is she
who did i give birth to
what did i give birth to
shadows replace any vestige
of what could be real
intangible crowning of maginficence
invisible to me
silent dawn
why do you hide from me
what do you want from me
gone in an instant
yet the knowing taste
of life and death


  1. HiWendy

    It looks great! you did such a good job. I tried to start a blog and it was more challenging than a website. Which blogger are you using? I was using wordpress sheila

  2. thanks sheila! i used a google extension of my gmail account. peace and love, wendy