Saturday, June 26, 2010

let's distinguish here
between violence and vandalism
so we are clear in the days to come

violence is when a baby is shaken
to death
violence is when a man rips a woman's clothes off
and thrusts his penis inside her
against her will
violence is israeli soldiers parachuting down
onto a boat
firing live ammunition
with the intent to kill
violence is sticking a knife in someone's heart
violence is starving a nation by raping its resources
violence is coming up against peace activists
with clubs and guns
tear gas and ear destroying noise
violence is silencing voices
violence is rooted ALWAYS
in fear and ignorance

vandalism is the destruction of property
inanimate objects
that don't think or feel or see
in a desparate attempt to wake the sleeping masses
from their apathy induced slumber
it is a challenge to the notion of private ownership
and it pushes us all closer to our edge

where is your edge?
where is our edge?