Saturday, June 12, 2010

declaration of self

i will accept nothing less than extraordinary
in this crazy life
jump on my train
if you can run to the edge
walk through fire with me
if you can stand the pain
swim in the rain under a stormy night
with me
if you like to get wet
if you can feel the lonliness in an empty room
if your heart aches when you see suffering
and your tears flow freely
if you wake up each day
if you love life yet don't fear the
peace of death

if the simple beauty of the changing sky
stops you in your tracks
if a child's laughter touches your spirit
and makes your heart glow
if you don't mind telling the man
to go fuck himself....twice
if you think peace is possible
if you will stand up for what you believe
if you imagine another world...

don't ask me to stop
or even slow down
i'll walk away
don't hesitate or question
if you can flow
if you can be the river of life
if your art is bursting out of your heart
if you think you will die if things don't change
if your passion for love
exceeds every other passion you have
then find me
in the wildflowers
and let the madness
melt us into eternity

1 comment:

  1. Wendy, this says it all. In a word, it's inspirational. So glad you started this blog and you can bet that I'll be back. Peace.