Friday, May 25, 2018

It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood.
The sun is shining!
Mommy and Ella wake up.
Mommy makes coffee.
The coffee tastes good.
Mommy bought it from a nice Ethiopian man.
Mommy and Ella decide to walk to the river.
Mommy and Ella like the river.
Mommy lets Ella off her leash because Ella is a good girl.
Ella runs and plays.
See Ella play.
Play, Ella, play!
Ella rolls in a dead fish.
See Ella roll.
Mommy frowns.  
Mommy tries to put the leash on Ella.
See Ella run.
See Ella run.
Where is the police man to tell Ella to stop?
Mommy thinks he is too fat to run anyway.
See Mommy run without her bra  while clutching her coffee.
See Mommy's breasts go up and down and up and down.
See Mommy wave to the Helgas.
See Mommy's coffee spill.
See Ella run.
Mommy finally gets Ella home.
Now Ella is a wet dog.
Mommy is wet too.
Mommy needs another coffee.

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