Friday, May 25, 2018

It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood.
The sun is shining!
Mommy and Ella wake up.
Mommy makes coffee.
The coffee tastes good.
Mommy bought it from a nice Ethiopian man.
Mommy and Ella decide to walk to the river.
Mommy and Ella like the river.
Mommy lets Ella off her leash because Ella is a good girl.
Ella runs and plays.
See Ella play.
Play, Ella, play!
Ella rolls in a dead fish.
See Ella roll.
Mommy frowns.  
Mommy tries to put the leash on Ella.
See Ella run.
See Ella run.
Where is the police man to tell Ella to stop?
Mommy thinks he is too fat to run anyway.
See Mommy run without her bra  while clutching her coffee.
See Mommy's breasts go up and down and up and down.
See Mommy wave to the Helgas.
See Mommy's coffee spill.
See Ella run.
Mommy finally gets Ella home.
Now Ella is a wet dog.
Mommy is wet too.
Mommy needs another coffee.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

I love dancing with you, your breath on my cheek
feeling your heart next to mine

sometimes the way you look at me
the way you see me
your love
it overwhelms me
and i am gone
into your arms
My Sunday Sermon for y'all...a cop once told me 'we know you hate cops, Wendy' which I replied 'You're wrong....I don't hate cops. What I hate is abuse of power, and I will speak up and act out against that until my last breath'. Hamas, no Hamas, PA, no PA, what Israel is doing is WRONG and it must be stopped. There is no peace without justice. I do this work because in spite of ourselves, I still believe in humanity. I believe in love. I believe in reconciliation. Not standard issue government reconciliation, but in the reconciliation that comes when you stand to face to face with another and are able to say 'I see you. I hear you. I believe you. I am sorry.' Israel is nothing but a Zionist lie, perpetuated by greed, anger, fear and bloodlust. It hides behind Judaism like a human shield. The face of Zionism takes many forms in today's world. Know it. Recognize it. Speak out about it. Don't get caught in the propaganda war. Live your truth.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Be slow, my aching heart
remember humanity
as you approach the woman
with mud on her feet
cleansing in rain puddles
clear your mind and look twice
before assuming she is homeless
and needing your help
and not just out looking for morels
on a muddy saturday morning

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

On Trump...

i just actually don't fucking get it
what is wrong with humans
are we that starved for meaning in our own lives
that we allow this sick disgusting drama to continue
to unfold??
like seriously what the fuck
too many cornflakes and blue pills and rulers??
what the actual fucking fuck....
people wonder why i'm bombastic
and keep breaking the rules

because this world deserves what it gets now
stupid motherfuckers