Thursday, December 18, 2014

dear orrell, 
man who sits under the bridge at richmond and horton
in a decrepit wheelchair
with a beer in your hand
dear orrell,
who i drive by every day and always want to stop
but can't...or don't....
dear orrell,
i am happy to have met you today
i am happy to have shared some of my good fortune with you today
i am glad to have seen the twinkle in your eye
as you told me how you lost your legs at age 12
dear orrell, 
i am happy to have stopped, and listened
and to have really understood the connection among us
i asked you why you chose to sit there every day
and you told me it was because you were looking for company
and that you always met interesting people under the bridge
well dear orrell,
i certainly met an interesting and unforgettable man today
peace on earth