Tuesday, April 29, 2014

river of life
dreamer of dreams
sweet mother of creation
and lover of peace
a player till the end
a singer, dancer, card player
spellologist (sorry aunt kath)
and cherished momma, grandma and friend
a joker and a smoker
not a midnight toker
she sure didn't want to hurt no one...

beautiful woman
best mom in the world
even though she cut my hair short
and made me wear stupid brownie uniforms
she taught me when to fight
and when to give in was right
(although our opinions differed highly on this subject)
she also gave me my might

we often didn't agree
but she accepted me as me
and did her best to LET me be me
(well actually, i didn't give her much choice)
but she gave me roots and also set me free
a branch from her tree
and the wisdom of family

her spirit lives on
our memory strong
in the hearts of everyone
and my mom is with all of us forever

Saturday, April 5, 2014

the universe always gives
and we may not always listen
but when we open our hearts to truth
the threshold breaks
the corners are swept away
and the dust settles

and when the dust settles
we can sigh
and drink some tea
embrace our loved ones
and begin again