Monday, March 31, 2014

they say it is written in the stars
long before our time
the journey of our soul

they say the rhythm of 
the great mother
is the conduit

i believe we are all stars
born into this reality
through the absence of time
connected in ways beyond reason

colliding, holding space
for each other
every day of our life on this earth

transformed into our animal spirits
we sing their song
as long as we listen

my wise woman tells me
watch the stars
especially the ones
who shoot through the night sky

fireflies of the universe
transcending time and space

erasing all boundaries
wild and untamed

my child tells me
be in awe and wonder
believe in magic 

my soul tells me 
to love and be loved

dance under our ancestors
the stars
as they hold our space
and light our path

dance for love
for truth
for joy

dance for beauty
for god and goddess
for you

Saturday, March 29, 2014

as the rain pounded
against the nakedness
of my soul
i was reminded
of the wise woman
who told me to laugh
and smile
and receive the magic