Friday, August 5, 2011

a spontaneous trip to the lake
with my babies
wind and wild music and love
jake continues to teach me
about awareness and presence
we explore the beach and he discovers
a magnificent dead fish
floating just off the pier
suddenly all his energy diverts to his plan
to bring the fish to shore
but while looking for tools
he screams with delight
another treasure, a stagnant pond full of
doesn't matter, the fish is forgotten and we are grabbing globs of something on sticks
he imagines what this pond could be
he searches for creatures and puts his fingers in everything
until the huge flock of seagulls take flight
creating a canopy of white against the sunset
and then suddenly it is raining bird shit
and jake yells 'run for your lives!!!!!!!!'
and he climbs the nearest tree
and then he's swinging like tarzan
except the branch is dead and it breaks
so he lands in a heap, laughing on the hot sand
and he picks up the dead branch which is now his horse
and yells, "amy, guess what we saw!!!"
and as he runs towards his sisters
i wonder if the story he is going to tell
will be the same as my own
and of course i know
it isn't

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