Friday, December 24, 2010

midterm checkin
the first chapter is complete

the officer put away his erection
and took out his notebook
and decided not to charge anybody
there was an auditory sigh as helen,
pulled a drag on her smoke

helen's daughter held court
as if a thousand times

she was tired of this bullshit
drama queen mama
had hit the jackpot
and the reward was playing in silver

broken cars and lonely women
in the face of love
we dance
and dance
and dance
and dance

Saturday, December 18, 2010

sitting atop
this silent mountain
the eagle my companion
i watch her soar

the mysteries of the cosmos
dancing forth
from my soul

the call of spirit echoes
in the majesty of intuition
evolution, change

bound only by earthly body
pulsing at the core
as a baby boy demands milk
from the earth
impossible to ignore

my eagle sister, my divine love
commands the sky

drawing my eyes upward
far beyond the wild tales of the clouds

listening for stories not yet told
whispering, guiding
toward what lays beyond

deep in my heart

deep in the truth
of the goddess

Thursday, December 16, 2010

on condor's wing
a wistful crescent moon
cascading stars shoot
across the milky way
soaring beyond tomorrow
drops of yesterday
complete the mystic sky
in moments of desire
contradictions in
deep longings

longing to soar
longing to heal
to be seen
to be loved
to be set free

beginnings and endings
the gift of the great bird
commander, creator
messenger to the gods
carry our prayers
teach us the ancient mysteries
of life and death
and then

come home
to rest

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

at the crossroads
with feet of lead
and heart of stone
i sit
silently willing
the choice to be made for me
skies shift and animals who know nothing
of human love go about the business of life
as my paralyzed heart finds a new rhythm
louder now that i am forced to hear
laughter of children that my brain doesn't compute
gentle december breeze only vapour on my skin
captured in a moment of eternity
from which i long release
what is this crazy love
what is this crazy life
the answer for me is always in the sky
the answer or more questions
i can never tell the difference

December 2009

Monday, December 6, 2010

i am standing in this river
bent over wash
replaying the rhythym
She sends
space emerges along the bank
and the conversations echo
on my heart
sinking into wild jasmine
and raising my fists
the contradiction
beside the soup

and on the subject of love
my heart expands at the sound
of her name
letting go letting go letting go