Tuesday, July 13, 2010

i wrote this in december 2008 to an american friend...(a somewhat accidental american)...must have been for obama's innauguation. i think my message has been consistent and the unearthing of this poem is timely

tell them that Canada stands in solidarity
tell them that the revolution starts now
tell them that artists are taking over the streets
tell them that in London and across Ontario
we are organizing street parties
tell them that on Jan 20 we are shutting down
a major street in London
with music, love, peace, and freedom
tell them we are going out into the cold
to dance with reckless abandon
tell them we are dancing naked in the rain
tell them we want them to join us
tell them that houses across the nation
will be lit up with joy
and hope
tell them brothers and sisters stand firm
tell them that there must be no more bombs
tell them that we will not stop
until we live in the world we want
tell them we are with you
and tell obama that if he fucks this up
we are taking over

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