Sunday, June 25, 2017


There once was a woman named Dyke
Who purchased a stunning new bike
She said with a grin
While licking her chin
She rides a lot better than Mike

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Garbage Night
First come the pickups
Ford 150s who scan the piles for treasures
Often with wife and dog in tow
Then the middle aged men on bicycles
Equipped with trailors and baskets
As sophisticated as they can manage as scrappers
Then, the mothers come
Their feet are their vehicle
Hunch backed and tired
They search in earnest for the leftovers
Anything, anything of value
15 cents here, 5 cents there
Carrying the load of the world
On their already burdened shoulders
My mother used to hate the scrappers
She resented them going through 'her' garbage
Me, I wait till the trucks and bikes have passed
I wait for the woman with the world on her shoulders
I give her whatever small token I have
We share a smile, maybe a laugh
As she gets ready for the long walk home
Both shoulders burdened with suffering
I feel sick inside as I return to facebook
To hear that the residents of Grenfell Towers are being rejected by the priveleged
I vow to do more
And I wonder....
How much can ever be enough....

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Forget Me Nots
crazy wild blooms
poking, prodding,
inserting themselves into conversations
either welcome or dismissed
through cracks and impossible crevices
it doesn't matter to you
fanciful, whimsical
bold and wild
pretty yet coy
my eye catches your elegant, delicate limbs
dancing atop eager soil
daring the sun to warm you
sprinking of organza
show off
always needing to be first
how dare i forget you
i forget you not

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

send all evils running with their pants on fire
Holocaust deniers beware
the injuns are coming

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

once said a wise man
he saw the children playing
laughing and running
dreaming, imagining, creating
but the wise man saw the humans coming
he saw how they embraced war, torture, violence
he saw how they dismembered and gassed and maimed
and he begged to get off this world
as he cried, a little bird sat on his head
and said 'take me with you'
there is no happy ending to this story

Friday, April 7, 2017

I remember when i was a little girl
someone taught me
but we are 'right'
then i skipped and hopped through life
hearing of atrocities far far away
and i kept thinking
'but we are right'
and then i grew up in the cold war
i didn't even really know what that meant
except that it was colder in russia than in canada
and we were better at hockey
and when i realized...
i cried
wrote really dark poetry about the end of the world
and burned it
i knew for a fact then
and maybe we are not right
i discovered feminism and academia and poetry
and i affirmed
i had children
three beautiful, brilliant incredible children
i did that!
i realized my power, my strength, my resolve
to remind humanity
so now that is my mission, my drive, my passion
to rid the world of war
to find peace in another place
to smash the patriarchy that oppresses
to live and love in peace

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Dear United States of America
I have loved you
I have loved your beautiful gifts
Of scenic beauty
Of playgrounds and fantasy lands
Of diversity
Of constant tension
As a child I longed for what you had
that I did not
First to get the new candybar, cool shoes, cheap booze
(well that's what my parents liked)
In convenience stores!!
Tiger Fuckin Stadium!!!
I remember long road trips, my dad driving
abba playing
my mom singing along
dog snoozing in the back window
warm summer breeze
sailing through customs with a wave and a smile
birth certificates, not passports
my dog didn't even want to kill anyone
and on our way home, as i drifted in and out of dreamland
i would think about the fun we had that day
we'd roll into our gravel drive
the sound like a melody for me
my dad would carry us into bed, tuck us in
and i would disappear into the night
we can have that again
all that and more
we can take down the walls
we can tear down the barriers
we can all see and be seen
we are not what we think we are
we are the people we have been waiting for