Friday, March 24, 2017

divine feminine
it's far past the time to take charge
put down your guns, world
put down your guns
time for the madness to end
sing lullabies, stroke their hair
do whatever necessary
to keep the madmen home

Saturday, March 11, 2017

my mind boggles as to why we continue to back warmongers. I am truly baffled by the politics of the day (not naivete, rather stunned why we would chose self imposed annihilation over peace, time and time again). I believe in part that it is the absence of the divine feminine in our politics and our ways of being that thwart any possibility of a truly peaceful existence with nature.
Over the past three days, during IWD events, I was asked by three different people if I would run as a political candidate for their party. This is laughable since my gutter language and affinity for the strange would alone send me into political exile. Nothing less than smashing the state is going to save us now. And i am ready to smash. Not with violence but with love. Yes, I would be laughed out of politics for my hippie ways, but perhaps there is another kind of leadership emerging. One that doesn't need oval offices and fancy new curtains or a military apparatus that leaves its own people starving and impoverished.
As capitalism crumbles i will take a front row seat, tearing down walls and challenging colonialist ways. My ancestors were colonizers. Probably victims too, of politics that left them poor and desperate and willing to conquer others for a taste of comfort. I wear the badge of privilege as a scarlet letter. But I choose to turn shame into empowerment. I will lead, not in offices, in endless meetings disconnected to the people. I will meet you in the streets and mark my words, this revolution will most definitely include dancing and laughter, and love. VIVA LA REVOLUCION!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

International Women's Day 2017

Women rising
depths of Gaia churning
fertility of magnificent soil
transformation to hope
Mother rising
sewing her fields
of wildflowers
scattered across lands
bountiful and free
Divine Feminine rising
cosmic consciousness upon us
casting shadowy glances
to our future
forboding harbinger
Women rising
ancestor wisdom harmonizing
collective spirit dawning
the dance never ends
Mother rising
gathering the indigos
telling stories of survival
tending the heart fires
fiercely passionate, fiercly resolved
Divine Feminine rising
overcoming hatred and fear
singing icaros of our souls