Thursday, March 29, 2012

in the underground river
that connects each of our hearts
to its source
to the universe
i visit you
but i won't dwell too long
for the current is strong
and i must breathe

i celebrate you this day
like years before us
i celebrate your wings
your gift to soar
gently lift 
your soft cheek to mine

i traverse the earth
carefully laying each step
collecting my tribe

you soar and dip
soar and dip
soar and dip
feet barely touching ground
mesmerise audiences
with your charm
only to soar and dip once more

the river weaves our stories
yet flows past just as fast as they are created
only stones stand in the way
i have a thousand words to say
and yet i have none
perhaps i fancy myself a stone
who always dreamt to fly

who knows why we choose our moment
to come into this world
but you chose this one
in this tumultuous time
and we choose each other 
for the timelessness of our love

i will get better at this
but i can't rush
i don't enter the new like you
she must be very wonderful
to make you fall so hard
and i honour all your choices
although my rebellion speaks other words
i'm sorry but i was born that way
my choice, i suppose
to palpate the duality
of my soul's yearning

today, on the day of your birth
i celebrate this life
with you in my heart
with you in my soul
dancing always
laughing at the mystery
loving each challenge, each choice
honouring the depth of this winding river
that is life

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

year of radical change
so the mayans say
we feel it in our hearts

our bones release
ancient wisdom
as we create 


memory leads us forward
into darkness
but the sweet scent of magnolia
tells the way

i have loved you for a thousand years
and i will love you for a thousand more
i saw you in the moon
the very night we met
and i know i will find you there again

Thursday, March 15, 2012

the dreadful untangling
of ones own heart
soul's elixer
is joy 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

maybe there's a way
we can run wild
and love each other

if there is

i want to try

Sunday, March 4, 2012

the occupation
is the occupation
of our own souls
our own truth
when the drones sweep the parks clean
they see only crazies, lost, homeless, dirty, pathetic souls

and at first glance they might convince themselves
but a deeper look
shows the beauty 
that we are not crazy
lost souls have been creating their own community
for a very long time
shunned by institutions
hated by institutions

'helped' by institutions

coming together
in hope
in desire
in desperation
in love

determined in spirit
fearless and godless
ready to take on the world
longing for connection
previously denied

the occupy movement
was but a culling
a weeding out
of those who will stand
and those who won't
if you're not one of us
it is you
who is lost