Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a pilgrim climbs
the waterfall
in search of
of what?
her gaze rises upward
and the dancing landscape
of the clouds
belies the shadow she bears
gypsy symbols of the
of goodness and pain
she blinks and
the message is forever
layers of light that
penetrate darkened souls
shift again in timeless trance
and the ascent of impossibility
through the
mighty waterfall

inspired by paulo coelho's, "the pilgrimage"
and the mississippi river's soul.....

Sunday, August 22, 2010

it all began with dreams
a passage into a great expanse of
i opened for a second
and you danced in

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

you know i'm in my living room
watching the lizard
he's one of my greatest teachers
one of them
you know i'm thinking about changing the world
not just a little shift here and there
not a pop!
or even a burst!
a burning schoolhouse won't do
i'm thinking about seriously shifting
the trajectory of humanity
manifesting peace on earth
some call it heaven on earth
i call it something between
laughter and orgasm
or maybe a laughing orgasm?
an orgasming laugh?
some call it our buddha nature
a state of being that
transcends all states of being
when i speak of gazelles
and puppets
dancing that lasts for days
joyous parties and a porch on every house
when i talk of dropping everything and
all of us joining hands
to walk to the apartheid walls
in gaza
and tearing them down
you call me naiive, silly, a little girl
well i am not
and i am
and anyways it doesn't really matter
i am a warrior
of my heart
i am a warrior
of my soul
and i am still breathing

Sunday, August 15, 2010

under a hot night sky
a half moon
half full of promise
half full of nothing
thick air
threatening wildly
with wicked light
on a porch drenched
with the dreams of a
thousand years
it is better
to say
nothing at all
it might have been the falling star
that landed on the tip of my nose
or gales of laughter echoing off
the gentle waves
it could have been the smiles of love
at every turn
or the laughs that never ended
or maybe it was the sweet crunch
of perfectly cooked corn
and the satisfaction of
a knowing chef
perhaps it was the deep friendship
nurtured through time and truth
or the sticky gooey smores
ghost gum
but whatever it was
i saw it in the eyes of a fox
calm, patient,
hungry eyes
who told me
keep being
who i am

Friday, August 6, 2010

gaia is my goddess
and i will tell you why

deep in the dark cold
of our soul
our collective soul
she communes with black nothing
black nothing with the stark void of being
a constant presence
cold, choking black soil
up her nose
as worms and other slimy creatures
fight for entrance through
her every opening
she allows the intense feelings of death
to penetrate her like a lover
while giving birth simultaneously
to a beautiful bloom
of hope, freedom and love

this might actually be a poem i edit (ehab :)
because the idea and the imagery are profound and overwhelm
me in this moment. she is truly lifedeathlifedeathlife
and i am her

Thursday, August 5, 2010

she is not a shaman
i know

i know

this truth blows through me like
a wild wind
chases fire
her ordeals are not complete
and she knows this too
she is pushing too hard
even a warrior must rest
must bend to love the wildflower
her body begs her for
yearns for
the sanctity of birth
ritual of motherhood
to kiss the divine feminine
with truly loving force
she is not a shaman
and you are not her mate
time to say goodbye
to what isn't
what never was
distortions in alice's
looking glass
time to kiss the mad hatter
lightly on his lips
and allow his madness
to transcend false realities
cloudy visions
ambitious musings
replaced by deep knowing
that truth and magic
like alchemy
will always bring us back
to the centre
of our being

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

if there is a darkened spot
high above me
rooting for its opening
then i welcome
the torrent
because the waves
always bring calm

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

for you....

do you know that you can look into the sky
under mottled clouds and dancing stars
and see the truth?
deep abiding knowing
rooted in ancient stories
through the very ground of our being
and do you know that our eyes
are the mirrors to the sky
the fissure to the great caverns of the soul
deep and murky and
rich with the pure essence of love
and do you also know that the first time
i looked into your eyes
i saw you
raw and naked and beautiful

i see you
and in the depth of that exquisite knowing
there is only love
and thats all i need to know

Sunday, August 1, 2010

i don't know what to say
so i don't pick up the phone
instead i dance
under a full moon
a half moon
a naked moon
and i remember

i'm beginning to understand
what our minds are for
they do not own us
we own them
and we carry them softly
as they gather moments
in time
that help clear our path forward
and allow us to look back
from time to time
when we need to connect to
our hearts