Tuesday, June 29, 2010

it's so simple

SO simple
if we want to
change the world,

all we have to do
change the world

why do I keep
giving away my

why do you

Monday, June 28, 2010

oh canada
our home and police state land
true secret laws
with all thy guns command

with your martial law
we see thee rise
the fascist strong and crazy

from far and wide
oh canada
what has happened to thee

god can't help us now
it's harper or it's WE
oh canada
where's peace and liberty
oh canada
where is the voice of the free

Saturday, June 26, 2010

wake up sisters
and brothers
before the
sweet little birdy
chirping in the cherry tree
you take so much pride in
pecks out your eyes
and shits
all over your face
let's distinguish here
between violence and vandalism
so we are clear in the days to come

violence is when a baby is shaken
to death
violence is when a man rips a woman's clothes off
and thrusts his penis inside her
against her will
violence is israeli soldiers parachuting down
onto a boat
firing live ammunition
with the intent to kill
violence is sticking a knife in someone's heart
violence is starving a nation by raping its resources
violence is coming up against peace activists
with clubs and guns
tear gas and ear destroying noise
violence is silencing voices
violence is rooted ALWAYS
in fear and ignorance

vandalism is the destruction of property
inanimate objects
that don't think or feel or see
in a desparate attempt to wake the sleeping masses
from their apathy induced slumber
it is a challenge to the notion of private ownership
and it pushes us all closer to our edge

where is your edge?
where is our edge?

Friday, June 25, 2010

the moth travels toward the light
unaware of his pending destruction
not knowing that the light
will become his darkness
yet there is no escape
he cannot say no
the pull is too great
so he lets his soul
his fate
speak yours
and find freedom
it's the only way

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

approach with clarity
see, act, be
singularity is

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i've been trying to figure out
what it is
i miss
the most
and now i


i miss sending
my poems

Monday, June 21, 2010

please don't say a lie
if you speak to me
speak only from your heart
for that is the only language
in my soul's ear
don't stop because you're scared
don't stop because you're scared
we are here to catch your fall
faith in you
these tears i won't cry for you
this dance i won't
truth always wins

Saturday, June 19, 2010

behind the bars
over the wires
flak jackets and
instruments of death
walls of fear
come dance with me
on the other side
no walls
no borders
no hate
no fear
have courage to
open your hearts
to the truth
beyond your walls
of fear

Friday, June 18, 2010

before the debate about postering and freedom
gets bogged down in pettiness
let's remember the most important part
of the argument
the truth is that the police admitted on film
that the reason they arrested darius is because they wanted to put 'conditions' on him. he has no criminal record, is a canadian born citizen who has some vague middle eastern heritage and speaks his mind a lot...and the g8 is just around the corner.
i broke the law tonight
i put up a poster in an un-approved place
right in front of a police officer
he said, 'hi' and asked me how i was doing
who is trying to put a lid on the revolution?
which begs the question.....
can you EVER put a lid on the revolution???

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

dear libby,
thank you for your voice
from the child whose body was burned
with cascades of white phosphorous
from the mother who wails
for her son
and her husband
for the child
who can no longer attend school
because it was bombed by the Israelis
from the mavi marmara
and the brave freedom fighters
on board
and in body bags
from the rest of us behind our computers
on the phone and
pen in hand
what i hate about this blog is that it's too one sided. i like to think of my poetry as a conversation. not always, but sometimes requiring a response....i want to know what you think. i have no idea what i'm talking about so i need you to set me straight...

the danger of truth

is that the mirror

of humanity

greet my image

each morning

as i brush my teeth

asking me

for me

Monday, June 14, 2010

the follower
breaking away from his teacher
this is a mystical
and should be
eaten in
we are but a tweet

a twitter
a chirp
a fleepfleep
a new language
to learn
you make me want to throw up
you are my worst nightmare
how can i be at peace with you
when you are not at
with yourself

Sunday, June 13, 2010

lets break down
the structures
are not love

in their absence
we will know love
each time you kiss me
the soul of my foot
there were too many trains
and too much rain
and besides,
we DID lie under the stars
each time we spoke our heart
i feel you pushing me away
since you pulled us together
since you
since we
have been pulling us together
from the beginning
and i wonder why
i am digging for worms
you know how i hate them
jake brings them by the handful
squirming disgusting gifts of love
is it the head or the ass
i am repulsed
yet the excavating continues
and treads the mirky depths
because down is the only place
to hold me now
my darkness leads to truth
as always
and i wonder what is yours
what do we do
where do we go

april 2009

after the rain

after the rain
the sweet scent of woodruff
returns grace
to the earth
after the rain
the last grains of sand
are washed from my feet
erasing the path
that brought us to this place
of mystic wonder
after the rain
i feel my roots
churn the earth
yearning for source
after the rain
with arms stretched open
the universe dances
with my soul
the river

i am the river
caressing pebbles
of sorrow and joy
as i pass
lapping against their beauty
caressing the mystery
of riverbanks
thank you
perhaps i shall return
when the hard rain
on gaia
dampens his lover's skin
erasing her hunger
the wise woman
carries her vessel
this great balancing act
full to the brim
and splashing abundance
home to the feet of her castle
where love awaits
i want to lie down with you
my beautiful queen
caress your skin
chiseled in ancient storms
propelled through constant flow
i want to lie down with you
sweet earth
make love with you tenderly
my tongue designing heaven
across your lips
i want to penetrate your cold facade
melt into your fiery core
close my eyes
dearest gaia
whisper stories of suffering
let me drink your tears
mother earth
for my healing and yours
are bound in this
cosmic dance
of consciousness
this one's not written yet but here's the title

i want to talk before we both end up in
shit? bed? detroit? jail?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

the moon spoke to me tonight
she joined me on the path
to nowhere
you know the one i've been
she wondered what colour the sky might be
if we had no names for anything
she asked me what my name would be
and i had no answer
her lips were wet like salty earth
moonbeams on my skin
penetrating, dissipating
she has the patience of a queen
and the temper of a wolf
her light blinds me to myself
yet i look and look again
searching in the creamy folds
of her skin
for me

declaration of self

i will accept nothing less than extraordinary
in this crazy life
jump on my train
if you can run to the edge
walk through fire with me
if you can stand the pain
swim in the rain under a stormy night
with me
if you like to get wet
if you can feel the lonliness in an empty room
if your heart aches when you see suffering
and your tears flow freely
if you wake up each day
if you love life yet don't fear the
peace of death

if the simple beauty of the changing sky
stops you in your tracks
if a child's laughter touches your spirit
and makes your heart glow
if you don't mind telling the man
to go fuck himself....twice
if you think peace is possible
if you will stand up for what you believe
if you imagine another world...

don't ask me to stop
or even slow down
i'll walk away
don't hesitate or question
if you can flow
if you can be the river of life
if your art is bursting out of your heart
if you think you will die if things don't change
if your passion for love
exceeds every other passion you have
then find me
in the wildflowers
and let the madness
melt us into eternity
One more from Cairo....

under hazy Cairo sky
new moon begging for its birth
racing pulse of this chaotic city
carries me on its wing
inviting the dance of space
opportunity and restriction
possibility and denial
rising tensions flow with the Nile
dance of life and dance of death
hold hands, lock gaze
the privilege of the few
raise voices for the many
yet the echos of their song enveloped in cacophony
what are the notes?
hold on, dear Gaza
under the filmy light
on the skin
of the new moon
another song
another dance
I wrote this one after returning from Cairo. I went with the Gaza Freedom March and together with 1300 peace activists from around the world we hoped to go to Gaza to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters there. Ultimately, we hope to break the siege. The Egyptian government prevented us from leaving Cairo. This is my response.....

these walls you build
the violent rupture of a soul
as post holes invade her
deep into her flesh
sometimes where no one can see
masochistic bludgeoning of a weakened nail
the pounding makes you strong
justifies your blackened heart
as you try to take what you can never take
you steal the essence that cannot be captured
in an Egyptian bottle
cling to falsifications and calsifications of the mind
you bleed in the streets
and allow your wounds
to fester
bloody pus oozing from your pours
victimization not salvation
starvation of the collective spirit
so you steal someone else's
pulverized like the very olive
lovingly harvested into the hands of the
life givers
this is not the poem i meant to write
yet this is what
you forced me to say
there is something trying
to be birthed from me
familiar, exquisite pain
last night i dreamt
i gave birth to a placenta
from my mouth
i woke
in bloody suffocation
lips numb
as sensation invaded my mind
the taste of iron coating my teeth
yet where is my baby
where is she
who did i give birth to
what did i give birth to
shadows replace any vestige
of what could be real
intangible crowning of maginficence
invisible to me
silent dawn
why do you hide from me
what do you want from me
gone in an instant
yet the knowing taste
of life and death
so quick the return to old patterns
i reach for you
to sink into the warmth
of your pores
your breath
guiding me gently
back to dreamland
back home
stirrings in my bones
as the serpent longs
to unleash
for now content with
sweet memories
of loving joy
i will gather you into my mind
third eye looking out across
heavy spring clouds
and follow the sound of
my soul

Friday, June 11, 2010

by the way, don't be afraid of the rain....it's only an invitation to dance!
this poem is called, "in memory of the nine brave, corageous peace activists whose lives were stolen by murderous war criminals who spin lies, black out independent media, violate international law repeatedly! repeatedly! yes, this is for them...in memory of the nine brave, courageous peace activists who were murdered by Israeli soldiers, in the name of TRUTH"
as long as the israeli lunatics
float down to deck
guns blazing like a bad scene in a low budget spaghetti western
or a disney kids' movie
as long as conventions and international laws
mean no more than the toilet paper i use every morning
for as long as democracy rhymes with hypocricy
and for as long as i wonder as i tuck in my children,
'how many babies are crying for their mama's arms tonight'
and how many momas are crying for their babies
for as long as it takes for the tears to stop
for as long as it takes
with my palestinian sisters and brothers
i will dance
i will write
i will laugh
and i will love
with my palestinian brothers and sisters
i will stand
i will walk
i will march
i will speak truth
and i will sail
i will do this every day
until the collective consciousness of humanity
until this truth
is heard

if not me, then who
if not us, then who
this one is different she said
as she gazed into the luminescent globe hovering above
this one is not the same
how, asked the little girl, painted to her side
it looks the same to me?
you're only looking with your eyes, the older girl said
you have to look with your heart too. she smiled as
as she place her hand gently on the little girl's head
running her fingers through her whispy soft hair
close your eyes and breathe as deeply as you can..good, do
it again. one more time. now imagine the happiest moment in your life
try to recall every detail...what did you see, what did you feel
what did you smell...do you have it? good. now open your eyes and tell me what you see
the little girl opened her eyes and in that instant her heart began to beat as if it might burst from
its home
her hands tingled as her mind struggled to figure it all out
the aura surrounding the brilliant light of the moon enveloped her senses
blue haze, atop reds and yellows...golden glow
she pushed herself closer to the older girl until their bodies touched everywhere
and drew in a breath
it's beauuutiful, she said
it's you, she whispered quietly...it's you
tiptoe lightly
through scattered pathways
in my dreams
wild lightening carves our way
winding into ancient memories
drown me in the river
whose rhythm is my soul
mingle my blood with empathy
that is the knowing in my bones
the memory of the unknown
reality of unreal
that i am you

the virgin blog

hello everyone...
welcome to wendy's world. this is a little space i've carved for myself and for anyone else who dares to dwell, or even visit, for me to express the vomit of my soul.

i know that sounds gross but one of my deepest desires in life right now is to seek truth. and to call my poetry vomit is truth. i don't mean that it's gross (although some of it might be). i mean that it rumbles in the depths of my being, churning and forming in a tumultuous struggle...sometimes a dance, secreting bile in unctious waves until it is catapulted forth through the vessel and into the stars.

i'm often left with a foul taste in my mouth but at the same time a deep satisfaction and sense of calm. kind of like vomit.

i've been writing for a long time, but hardly ever for the public. so as i venture into the unknown with you, it's difficult to know where to start. for me, there really are no beginnings or endings, so perhaps the best place to start is the middle. and so we begin. thanks for coming with me.

I wish i could be with you as you enter into this full moon
but perhaps you must go alone
there has been a totem visiting me for the past many days
engaging me in my dreamland
playing at the periphery of my awareness
dancing lightly yet spinning her tale
with force masked only by
the delicate grace
of ancient reptilian wisdom
and an unmistakable connection to you
in these stories
woven through the morning sky
shadowing the moon lit night
it's the lizard who bears
the burden of this initiation of fire
whose smoke spirals and twists in sister wind
whose spirit connects us with the vibrations
of mother earth
passion and spirituality
sexuality and transition
called forth by the lunar power
initiation into the underworld
connected to the mystery of
your birth
she is beckoning me
an offering to explore
sacred connection
to healing and transformation
confrontation of fear
and awakening our greatest gifts
in this trial of strength and balance
she invites us to discover what our relationships with others
teach us about ourselves
these cold blooded creatures whose warmth
reflects their physical realm
igniting creative fires within
giving new birth and expression wherever
we find
this lizard
who sheds and eats her own skin
to begin again
this lizard
who follows me now
belongs to you
to me
to the moon

this lizard in my dreams